The Final Post

Dear All
Once again an amazing residential, with memories made for the children which will last a life time. Thank you staff, for your hard work and commitment and giving up your time with your own families. Mrs Graham and Miss Dunmore, I hope you both were inspired by the experience as you begin your careers in teaching. This is what it’s all about.
Mrs Lindsay, Mr Williams and Mrs Forshaw – what can I say? Superb, as ever.
Children, your parents will be proud to know that everywhere we went we had comments about your excellent behaviour and good manners (and of course your orange jackets!) Meal times were a social delight (if a little noisy at times!) and through the week you got much better at tidying your rooms!
We had many highlights and as the week progressed you started to look outwards and appreciate the beauty of the Northumbrian coastline, the castles and churches and wildlife. You began to the see that man-made structures such as the Millennium Bridge and the Sage can also evoke an emotional feeling, it beats the tv and xbox any day! I hope you had a great sleep and can share some of your best moments with your family. From your Circle Time comments, being with your friends and making new friends seems to be why the experience is so unique for you. Many of you talked about how your confidence and independence has grown since being away from home and that you would stop letting your parents do everything for you! That will be interesting!
Parents, we hope you enjoyed following our blog and sharing our days, it certainly sounds like it from your positive comments.
Thank you for your responses and helping the blog to be so successful, we have a number of parents vying for ‘blogger of the week’! Thank you also for your kind words and thanks, we do appreciate it.
Have a great weekend all!
Mrs Fearnley xx

Leaving Northumberland by Faariah Shabier

Waking up in the morning to finish our packing. We all were excited to come back home! After that we had our breakfast today it was cornflakes,toast and beans. Sitting in the lounge getting our lunch some people brought their suitcases down. Then we set off to St Aidan’s church and Grace Darlings museum as we split into two groups. At St Aidan’s church we
looked around and then we went to Grace Darlings grave. Crossing the road to reach Grace Darlings museum we watched a couple of films, looked around and found some facts out about her. Let’s share a few, Grace darling was famous for saving 9 lives on 5th of September 1838. Furthermore she died a few years after on 20th of October 1842 in her sisters house which is now a shop called the pantry in Bamburgh . Till this day she is remembered for this famous rescue. Finally not forgetting the gift shop we went on the coach to come home. See you later!















Reflecting on our learning and experience over the week…

Here are some thoughts from the children about what they’ve learnt about themselves and their friends this week.

‘Working as a team gets you further than working by yourself.’

‘To be responsible for myself.’

‘Communication and teamwork is really important.’

‘I’ve learnt to be more supportive to my roommates.’

‘Learning from my mistakes.’

‘We’ve learnt to appreciate what we have.’

‘Developing friendships and fixing our own problems.’

‘I’ve learnt to be kinder to other people.’

‘Developing my independence and confidence away from the comfort of my family.’

‘The residential has made me realise I need to take responsibility for myself and not rely on other people.’

‘I’ve learnt that being myself is important.’

‘We enjoy and appreciate our outdoor and real life experiences more than xbox’s and playstation’s’

‘Appreciate the things we have been given.’

‘I’m going to start making my bed at home!’

‘It’s not all about being competitive I need to work as a team.’

We hope these reflections continue in school and at home!

Now it’s time for our final nights sleep, let’s hope it’s a good one!